A bag assembly kit that is meant to spark your creativity

Developed by a designer, made by YOU!

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We revolutionize your relationship with accessories. Don't just buy, make them yourself! Feel a new level of connection with the bag you're wearing. It's your creation, you can be proud.

Pink Lady Bag KitPink Lady Bag Kit

Buying is boring

Assembling a bag will create a special bond between you and your new accessory.

No sewing or specials skills required.

It’s a playful process, just as in childhood we played with kits, but today we can play and create useful and really cool accessory developed by a designer.

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How it works...

1. You choose

a bag color

2. You get

the kit

3. You assemble

a bag using simple instructions

4. You enjoy

your new colorful accessory!

+ you can buy additional handles and change the look of your bag instantly just by replacing the handle!

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We use recycled materials

The main material is a composite of recycled leather and wood fibers + all plastic parts can be recycled.

We use eco-packaging

Sugar cane containers are perfect for our products. They are compostable, lightweight and have an ideal shape and size.

We don’t use custom-made packaging to reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

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